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Hastings Middle School

30 School Street
Fairhaven, MA 02719




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Grade 6


  • Donna DeTerra / English

  • Cheryl Olivier / Math

  • Kristen Ford / History


Grade 7





Grade 8
  • Pam Drouin / Science

  • Dan Marshall / History

  • Renee Bradshaw / English

  • Jennifer Pease / Math


  • Joanne Reuther / Instructional Technology*

  • Sarah Adams / Science Engineering Technology

  • Tim Lee / Art

  • Abigail Pimental / Spanish

  • Derek Galvam / Phys Ed

  • Nelly Nunes / Phys Ed

  • David Stanton / Vocal / Instrumental

  • Daniela Turbanisch / Strings

  • Lisa Lunney / Health


Special Education
  • Rosanna Byrnes

  • Jill Sullivan

  • Catherine Chmielorz

  • Monica Landis*

* This mark denotes teacher website  



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